Principal Desk

I am very excited to be a part of the Professional Learning Community. We are building at ARPIT SCHOOL a school with difference. We aim to bring the best practices in education from the world, and root them firmly in Indian culture. In ARPIT SCHOOL, the STUDY METHODOLOGY from 1st to 12th grade will be fully based on ACTIVITIES CUM PROJECT, Where the KNOWLEDGE will be enhanced by practical methods which enable the child to clear the CONCEPT at very early stage of learning.

In much the same way, our pre-primary curriculum starts the journey towards academic success.  Our teachers will adopt techniques recognized to help students develop language (oral and written) skill, numerary, science and social science skills through the use of classroom sessions, organized play and informal play.  We aim to help them develop the confidence in their intellectual abilities and a love of learning.

We welcome you to visit us and see how we put the values of INDIAN CULTURE at" ARPIT SCHOOL" into practice.  We at ARPIT SCHOOL feel that our students will represent our dreams and feel pride to work to ensure that our students get right knowledge to face future challenges.

We, at ARPIT SCHOOL have embarked upon the responsibility of shaping the future of our students. The school aims at grooming the students to become useful, confident and responsible citizens with an urge to contribute their best to the society and the nation, respect for moral values, willingness to act, team spirit and confidence to succeed.

We are fully committed to provide the kind of education that will enable the students to meet the challenge of the highly competitive, scientific, technological world of today, to recognize them and to cope with the rapid changes taking place at all steps. Best Regards,

Mr. K.Mungra

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